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How much?

Let's get this out of the way. There are no set up fees, no monthly or annual charges, no hosting fees, in fact, we have absolutely nothing to sell you.

Our goal is to keep QRyoo completely free for you, and see if there are enterprise solutions that we can offer businesses someday. But that will only work if we get this completely right.

QR Codes - Enhancing mobile experiences

Do you ever want to learn more about something on your smart phone, but you don't because it means either typing in a search, or typing a long URL into a browser or god forbid, dialing a phone number.

That's why QR Codes are taking off.

QR Codes take a real world experience, like an advertisement, a poster at a live event, a product label, a wedding invitation, a business card or resume, a CD, anything in the real world, and easily connects it to an enhanced mobile experience with a quick scan.

Mobile sites - Getting it right

All smart phone users know, most websites are not made for mobile. They often take zooming, squinting, flipping and all kinds of contortions to display properly.

QRyoo provides not only free hi-res QR Codes, we supply you with a free mobile website that the QR scan lands on. It is completely customizable and easy to use. QR Codes are useless unless they land somewhere that offers a positive mobile experience. QRyoo is designed for mobile.

QRyoo - Into open relationships

We're not greedy or clingy. We welcome you to link your QRyoo mobile website anywhere you want. We want you to link to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and any other sites you are using. We are OK if your users come and go. So many are hung up on being proprietary and creepy. QRyoo just wants you to create a great mobile bridge to all that you are.

It's free. It's super easy to use. Have fun!


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